Before and After Photos

When looking at before and after pictures of permanent makeup, keep in mind this is directly after. Pigmentation will fade and the color will be under the skin, giving the essence of where the color has been infused. Shapes and colors are the individual’s choice. Clients make all the final decisions.


Enhancement of eyebrows is important because they frame your eyes and enhance the expression on your face. Brows that are too light, too thin, sparse or non-existent can be beautifully enhanced and improved with micro pigmentation. This procedure is also perfect for clients who suffer from hair loss due to chemotherapy.




Eyeliner defines the beauty of the eyes.  It makes lashes appear thicker when not wearing mascara.  Permanent cosmetic eyeliner is done by placing pigment into the lash line to make the lashes look fuller.  A solid line, small dots or a smudged look can be achieved with permanent cosmetic eyeliner.








Permanent cosmetics can give color to pale lips, thin lips can be enlarged, and misshapen lips can be corrected. Lip color is perfect for asymmetrical shaped lips, thick lips, thin lips, or lips with uneven vermilion borders.  It will also eliminate the problem of lipstick “bleeding” into the fine lines around the mouth. Even scars from a cleft lip or an accident can be camouflaged.